Ten Tops is a family owned and operated business, based in Central West NSW. .

There are now three generations and 8 family members working in the business! With over 50 years of retail experience, the Bernardi family started in the supermarket industry and 25 years ago, opened a store called Discount Daves (homage to David, one of the business owners). This is where the company developed its love for an epic deal and hot products! Understanding the need to provide Australian families with value for money, Ten Tops was formed and in 2020, the first Ten Tops opened its doors in Dubbo, NSW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really NOTHING over $10?

Yep, really REALLY!! We work super hard to strike amazing deals to pass the cost saving onto our customers. You will never find anything in our stores for OVER $10!

So, what do you actually sell?

Well… we sell.. a bit of EVERYTHING, really! From homewares, groceries, tools, garden needs, confectionery, health and beauty, party needs, frozen foods, automotive needs, toys, pet care, household cleaning, & seasonal event items. Anddd, lets not forget our FAVOURITE items, our Top Picks!

What is a TOP PICK?

Check out Top Picks to find out!

What does "When it's gone, it's gone" mean?

When you see the phrase “when it’s gone, it’s gone” it means that the product is a Top Pick and there are only limited quantities of that product and once it sells out, there is no more! Our advice? Stay up to date on our socials so you don’t miss out!

What can you tell me about stocking Australian Made Products?

We’re Aussie owned and operated & purchase majority of our stock from Australian suppliers. Including Australian brand name favourites such as; Cadbury, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Lolliland, Steggles, Smiths, Streets & more. In some instances, to be able to remain price competitive with other retailers, we do do source products internationally.

What are your opening hours?

We’re opened 7 days a week! Pop over to our Store Finder page to view our individual store hours.

What is your refund policy?

We have a full money back guarantee on all purchases if the product is faulty, simply return it with the receipt to the store within 28 days!

AfterPay and ZIPPay?

At this time, we do not accept any ‘buy now, pay later’ payment options. It is cash or card only payment options 🙂

Can you purchase items online / do you deliver?

At the moment, you can only purchase items in store! We hope one day we’ll be able to provide our customers with an online service!

Does Ten Tops hold items?

Due to the limited quantaties and EPIC deals, at Ten Tops – it’s first in, best dressed! As such, as much as we’d love to, we do not hold requested items for customers.

Do yo need to become a member to shop?

No way! We welcome everyone into our stores and there is no membership program in order to shop with us.

Are you permanent?

Yes, we’re here to stay and are not a ‘pop up’ store!

Future Locations?

We’re always looking for the next Ten Tops site! Keep an eye on our website for any new store locations in the future. If you’re also keen on letting us know about a potential site you think would be awesome for us, contact us.